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There comes a time when you’ve just gotta stop allowing yourself to be force-fed by mainstream music. Not that all of it is garbage. There’s nothing wrong with jamming out to some Katy Perry while working on your fitness. But there’s so much more out there. Wouldn’t you want to die happy and knowing you listened to such wonderfully home-spun artists as Angaleena Presley, Jason Eady, Lindi Ortega, The Sextones, Strange Familia and the like? In the deteriorating, savage world of music ⎯⎯ what we like to call the Badlands ⎯⎯ there are precious b-sides awaiting to be heard. If you don’t pay attention, they’ll only get buried beneath the soiled industry earth and the trashy vestiges of what popular music used to be.

Get to digging.

B-Sides & Badlands was founded by journalist Jason Scott as a creative release. It’s not really important to me how many people are reading this: it’s far more gratifying if just one person walks away enlightened about someone else’s life, their struggles, their pain, their art. That’s why I write. And that’s why you should listen.

Jason has bylines in Paste, PopCrushBillboard, Popdust, One Country, AXS and others. Check out his portfolio here.

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