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Boombox Blitz: Andi is only ‘Half Home’

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“Life’s about changing, and nothing ever stays the same,” iconic country singer Patty Loveless once pondered ⎯⎯ and she was right. Our entire human existence is about embracing a constant state of change. From moving through adolescence and undergoing natural evolution to going away to college and forging our own independence, our journey is rooted in the sway of the tides, the shape-shifting harvest moon and understanding our God-given roles. Pop up and comer Andi, out of Toronto, takes her turn in between self-doubt and muddled life choices. “I’m visiting family, casually / Soaking up sun, having fun, oh, my last resort / Days going fast, just floating past / Not making tracks, just tracking miles on my dashboard,” she illustrates, traversing over an effervescent classic rock radiance. Her voice is sticky and supernatural, gliding dexterously amidst the haze.

“This song is about being young and in a transitionary stage of life. When I wrote the track, I was alone on the road, floating from recording sessions to rehearsals, and crashing in my car between gigs. Writing this song helped me embrace living in a state of change,” she described. That harrowing uncertainty of an independent musician seeps into the spooky, guitar-led production, inched along by Andi’s fearlessness.  “I call on the phone and hope that somebody’s home,” she exhales into the swirling frizz ahead of the scalding and contagious chorus. “I’m calling just a little bit older, a little bolder, and still, I’ve got nothing to say,” she sobs. “I’m calling just a little bit bolder / Needing a shoulder to help get me through the day…”

“Half Home” follows Andi’s her debut project, 2016’s alternative-leaning Sketches EP. Containing such standouts as “Summer Daze” and the Jono Josh-assisted “Caffeine,” the splashy bow is slathered with R&B flow and glistening drops. It’s just a matter of time before Andi catches on, and that time is now.

Spin the new track below:

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