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Boombox Blitz: Brie Angellina’s ‘Lullaby’ is a fantasy

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The heart wants what the heart wants. Even in the aftermath of sorrow, you can become entangled in bristly, thorn-laden rose bushes, the kind which slither around your skin and dig their razor-like tentacles into your brain. Not to be too frivolously melodramatic, but the weight of brokenness is colossal and transformative. R&B upstart Brie Angellina, who hails from South Florida, undergoes her own personal revelation on her sinuous, low-key new single “Lullaby,” in which she grapples with her deeply-rooted feelings and longing for a former lover’s embrace. “I’m alone / Are you up?” she coos on the first verse, anchored with acoustic guitar and subtle production ripples. “You got plans? / Let’s get up.”

She later promises a “sweet dream,” as the fond illusion rides high and low, waving gently into the eardrums. “Just take a breath and close your eyes / I’m going to make you forget what’s on your mind,” she vows. “When you see the sunrise, treat it like a fantasy.” From the smooth groove to Angellina’s glossy but mellow vocal, the sweetly-rendered tune is like the calm before the storm: she treats her perceptions with delicacy ahead of the impending torrential downpour. On the song’s intentions, she noted:  “This is a song about the realities of a break up and the feeling of being magnetized towards someone after calling it quits.”

“Lullaby” follows 2015’s jam session “Do That for Me,” a slinky, provocative drip-drop about temptation.

Listen below:

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