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Anyone can tell a story. But we here at B-Sides & Badlands know how to tell the right kind of story.

Founded in January 2018, B-Sides & Badlands PR deals in grounded, intimate and sometimes emotional storytelling, shedding light on an artist’s struggle and their eventual rise into grandeur. It’s not about copying and pasting your credentials ⎯⎯ although, those things are important, too ⎯⎯ but giving the world the most authentic portrayal of who you really are.

We’re not in the business of losing. We create campaigns ⎯⎯ targeting online tastemakers, drafting insightful, succinct press releases and bestowing you with the platform most suitable to your story ⎯⎯ surrounding your new single, extended play, music video, full-length album or upcoming tour. We also offer biography writing. Whatever you need, we have the resources.

Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Publicist Jason Scott has bylines in Billboard, Paste, PopCrush, Popdust, One Country and many others. He will work tirelessly to get your story and your brand heard. B-Sides & Badlands PR will get you where you want to go.


Biography writing

Single and music video campaigns

EP campaigns

Album campaigns

Tour campaigns

Press kit consultation and creation

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