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Premiere: Carrie Lane longs for another place and time on ‘Nobody’

“I miss the smell of your T-shirt and the sound of all our records,” Carrie Lane reminisces, painting a “sweet summer sadness” of memories, drenched in her rugged rock vocal. She takes the listener’s hand and unwraps a carton of polaroids, shelving her heart and reliving the grainy snapshots which seem to haunt her dreams. “Check my reflection in the window / And I know where my mind goes / I think back to the first time you sent chills all down my spine,” she murmurs, delicate drums and guitar coming to her aid, on the dazzling “Nobody,” which gives the singer freedom to wax vulnerable.

“Nobody,” as lilting as it coarse, officially out today, is “based on my infatuation with nostalgia,” Lane tells B-Sides & Badlands. “I have always been someone who longs for a different time, place, person, feeling ⎯⎯ living in the moment is something I’ve tried to teach myself, but I constantly look to the past. I tend to only remember the good things about situations and wish away the bad.”

“I want you in the worst way,” she demands on the song’s enveloping first verse, setting the pace of yearning and restlessness. On the heels of her outstanding California Freaks EP, Lane is ripe for the breakout. She further details the song’s backstory, “This song was actually written about a toxic relationship I was in with a stereotypical bad boy who played all of his cards wrong and still got the girl. It was a therapeutic way for me to get past the hurt that this person left on my heart, and it is for anyone who has experienced a love that is so intimate that no one will get to know your demons the same way.”

Listen below:

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