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Boombox Blitz: Cappa bops hard on comeback kiss-off, ‘Waste My Time’

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Cappa will take your breath away. That’s just how she is. She drops low-key tropical house, sweltering percussion breezing passed your eardrums, and you won’t know exactly what hit you. “Waste My Time” percolates in stark contrast to her previous work, namely 2016’s electro-pop conquest Queen of Hearts EP, awash with glistening, tribal-baked rhythms and fire-basted melodies. She’s not playing anyone’s game but her own ⎯⎯ so, a year-long hiatus wasn’t totally out of the question, even if it did come at a heavy price. Now, stepping out of the shadow of a “weird funk…where nothing was inspiring me, musically, and I had too many people telling me what they liked and didn’t like,” Cappa shakes her demons, stretches her bruised, crinkled wings and soars into the dazzling moonlight.

“‘Waste My Time’ is different musically than anything I’ve done in the past, and I knew right away that I wanted to release it,” she states, point blank. “It’s about being stuck in a cyclical on/off relationship and knowing that, eventually, you have to break the habit.”

She not only breaks it, no, she rips it to shreds and leaves it throbbing and bleeding out on the bathroom floor. “I don’t want to work it out / I don’t want to talk right now / I don’t want to talk, I don’t wanna talk / I don’t want to play that game / I know that it’s all the same, all the same, all the same / Don’t even waste my time,” the singer sharpens her fangs, parking the fevered beat as the precocious, wide-eyed younger sibling to Dua Lipa’s saucy, imposing breakout hit “New Rules.”

Cappa’s reentry into the pop conversation is not only appreciated but seriously invigorating.

Listen below:

Photo Credit: Cedrick Jones

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