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Freshly Squeezed, Vol. 21: Cam, Jacob Whitesides, Asonn & more

Welcome to Freshly Squeezed, a weekly new music playlist: spanning country, pop, EDM and urban, mainstream and other.

The only way we can get through this life is music. It’s the backdrop to our struggles, our triumphs, our suffering, our glee. Without the lonesome tug of a guitar line or the throb of a feverish club beat, our lives would be devoid of meaning, truly. That’s why we do this here at B-Sides & Badlands, as a way of linking hands in solidarity, acceptance and empowerment. We were founded on finding greater meaning in our favorite songs, albums and live performances. Our weekly playlist is a crucial component of our story, engrained within our bones and serving as a delicious escape from the Trump administration and as a way to find the strength to fight in the resistance.

Music means many things to many people, of course. Whatever it means to you, never let go.

Country singer Cam‘s comeback single “Diane” leads this week’s roster, also featuring Lee Ann Womack, Kelly Clarkson, Asonn, Jacob Whitesides, Selena Gomez, Skylar Stecker, Julia Michaels and many others.

Each playlist will be refreshed every Friday afternoon. We reserve the right to update anytime during the week, so make sure you bookmark this page.

Take a spin:

Here is this week’s handy-dandy music guide:

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