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Freshly Squeezed, Vol. 30: Song Suffragettes, Betty Who, DYLYN & more

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Straight white men, time’s up! The movement against sexual assault, originally founded in 2006, has gained major traction since last fall. In the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations, the earth seemed to rip open with countless men and women coming forward with their own harrowing stories. No one is off limits, and even country music has its share of skeletons. So, it seemed appropriate to launch this week’s new music playlist with Song Suffragettes‘ powerful “Time’s Up” song, a staunch anthem declaring “enough is enough.” The performance includes Candi Carpenter, Kalie Shorr and numerous other women. “Now the way it is becomes the way it was,” they sing on the hook.

This week’s playlist is staked with many strong women, including Betty Who, DYLYN, Lauren Alaina, Sarah Cripps, Hinds, First Aid Kit and an abundance of other equally-talented individuals.

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Editor’s Note: Spotify is in glitch mode. Craig David is not on this week’s playlist.

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