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Freshly Squeezed, Vol. 6: Brandy Clark, Bonzai, kirstin & more

Welcome to Freshly Squeezed, a weekly new music playlist: spanning country, pop, EDM and urban, mainstream and other.

July. The temperatures reaching boiling points. The concrete smoldering, soft steam rising ominously up through the cracks of more concrete towering inside the cityscape. The sun peaking between glass and steel. New York City is the surface of the sun⎯both as the large, could-melt-your-skin entity and as one crushing your future in its hands. One of many culture centers in the world, the City That Never Sleeps breeds creativity, as up and coming musicians and songwriters dare to dream with the hope of becoming the next headliner of Madison Square Garden. Nashville, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, too. Petri dishes with their own set of rules and obligations. Regardless of the locale, the business is much the same: you struggle and maybe a handful of people will hear your music.

That’s why B-Sides & Badlands compiles these weekly playlists. Someone, somewhere will fall in love with you. And your life will never be the same. The new installment is led by Brandy Clark‘s doozy outtake “You’re Drunk,” followed by cuts from Bonzai, Arcade Fire, Waxahatchee, Demi Lovato, Dave and Callum Beattie.

The lineup also contains Galantis, Nadine Shah, The Catching, The Sherlocks, The Sam Willows and many others.

Take a spin:

Here is this week’s handy-dandy music guide:

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