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Hook & Reel: Summer Jam of the Week – ‘Waking Up Slow’ by Gabrielle Aplin

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Let’s start by counting down the 10 best things about this song:

10. The middle eight

9. The first 10 seconds

8. The pre-chorus

7. The pre-chorus

6. The pre-chorus

5. The pre-chorus

4. The pre-chorus

3. The pre-chorus

2. The pre-chorus

1. The pre-chorus

To briefly expand, Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘Waking Up Slow’ is an absolute triumph. She stuffs the untethered joy of Carly Rae Jepsen, the plainspoken desire of Betty Who, and the celestial glow of Goldfrapp into a dazzling, bright pop package that deserves countless listens. If you’re not familiar, get familiar with Aplin – “Waking up Slow” is the first taste from her upcoming EP Avalon, set to drop Sep 8. If this single is any indication of the quality of the rest of Avalon, then it’s going to be one of the best pop releases of the year.

Photo credit: Marco Castellani & Renèe Liszkai

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