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Boombox Blitz: I, Us, & We escape to a moonlit ‘Tryst’

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If you’ve ever given of your heart, a selfless act which was then unreciprocated, you know how traumatizing it can be. You bare your soul to someone, each intimate detail wriggling from your lips, falling upon deaf ears, and you conjecture you might be a goner. “I don’t understand it / I can not explain it,” brothers Jordan, Evan and Aaron Doverspike ⎯⎯ known cumulatively as I, Us, & We ⎯⎯ observe about a one-side relationship with their abrasive, synth-filtered new single, “Tryst,” oscillating between grungy indie-rock and shiny alt-pop. “This isn’t love,” they acknowledge, later determining a “need to take a break from you.”

“Tryst” taps into the darkest primal rages, usurping any sense of calm or adoration with which they were once possessed. The synths and arsenic-laced percussion appear to rush through their organs, ultimately poisoning their bloodstream and leaving them drained and disheveled and dazed. “Call this tryst / Feelings are missed,” they weep into whirling, electronic black holes.

From the trenches of their Temecula, Calif. home studio, the sibling trio engage in stealthy and risky musical hybrids, also boosted with “Idol,” a chilly Hozier take. I, Us, & We are set to drop their debut EP, Ceremonies, tomorrow (Nov. 14). “There was a ton of questioning ourselves going into the process, but in the end, we feel like it made us better songwriters and producers having such a small time frame to write songs from the ground up that had diversity across the EP,” Jordan expounded.

Listen below:

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