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Boombox Blitz: Jacqueline Epstein goes for sunny ‘Motorcycle Rides in July’

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The rumble of the motor. The breeze gently kissing your cheeks. The landscape whizzing passed and escaping from view. It’s exhilarating, to be at the mercy of your own freedom on a motorcycle, which launches you into the air and injects you with a palpable sense of power. Alt-pop singer Jacqueline Epstein, whose sly blend of smokey Amy Winehouse vocals and languid Lana Del Rey-spun melodies, knows the thrill all too well and sketches a film noir-ish vignette in her brand new music video. “Motorcycle Rides in July” is a Bonnie & Clyde-style piece (with a delicious twist at the end, of course) and witnesses “the two leads hussle a biker gang into getting a pay day,” Epstein explains.

The visual (directed by Kara Guezze) was filmed on location at New York City’s Cargo and during a time when “I was undergoing chemo and radiation,” she reveals. “[The song is about] my infatuation with the sound of the engine, the freedom and the lifestyle,” the singer adds. Epstein’s commitment to her art should be celebrated ⎯⎯ a woman undergoing her most vulnerable state rising triumphant over adversity. We all could learn a lesson or two, simply to live life at our fullest and most fearless. She glows onscreen, inhabiting the role with relish and command.

“Motorcycles in July” follows her debut single, last year’s searing, folk-bent “Smoke.”

Watch below:

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