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Boombox Blitz: Kastrup literally ‘Try It All’ on new song

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Slapped together with wacky, inflatable vocal blasts from a choir of children, “Try It All,” the latest entry in Swedish duo Kastrup‘s growing catalog, rushes through the bloodstream. “I want to try, try it all,” they loop over a shivering neon-heart of electric guitar and earthy, apocalyptic synths and rumbling bass so paramount it skitters down the backbone. Singer-songwriter Timmie Strandberg and producer/mastermind Puppe Westberg came together on a lie, funny enough. Strandberg was promised a performance slot at the 2013 Rookie Festival ⎯⎯ without a band or having rehearsed properly. But when the frenzied, electric pair came together for the firs time, the chemistry hung as thick as their beats in the cool midnight air.

And the rest is history.

“Can you hear the night whispering in the wires, floating out into the streets,” Strandberg pokes on the opening lyrics, unleashing euphoric acid in the process. The chipper, Daft Punk-ish melody douses upon effervescent drums and Strandberg’s fluid delivery with strategic, glittery charm. “I can feel the rain / Falling to my veins / Take me where you want to me.”

“Try It All” follows the galloping space odyssey, “Lydia,” “Thieves” and “Come and Get Me,” a bedazzled shot of blue-hued light and dreamy glee. Their debut EP is shaping up to be quite tasty, indeed.

Listen below:

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