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Playlist: Kat Myers & the Buzzards realize dreamy LA lineup

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It’s so easy to get lost in mainstream music ⎯⎯ and the media certainly doesn’t help. Los Angeles might be one of the biggest hubs for music in the world, but the shadows of Taylor Swift, etc., run far and wide. You can forget the local scene breeds some of the most compelling and stylistically-rich work, often eclipsing the big dogs, you’ll ever witness. Americana outfit Kat Myers & the Buzzards are one of those bands, fusing delightful sunny gallops with frank discussions of rural life, love and heartache.

Lead singer Kat Myers turns her attention to a cavalcade of fellow noise-makers and rebels for a brand new playlist, exclusively debuting on B-Sides & Badlands. You’ll get the chance to spin new (and old) tracks from such standouts as Laura Jean Anderson, Valley Queen, Swimm and Adam Topol, and others.

Kat Myers & the Buzzards drop their debut extended play, titled Owe Everybody Money, on Friday (Nov. 17).

Below, Myers walks us through each song, detailing the emotional loops and artistic stamps.

“Friendship (is a Small Boat in a Storm)” by Chicano Batman

Chicano Batman has been called LA’s “house band” and for good reason. We think they’ve really knocked it out of the park on this latest release. On this track in particular, we enjoyed singing along whenever it came on KCRW/KCSN without being able to understand a single word in the chorus.

“Crystal Bay” by Adam Topol

A fellow LA westsider, when Topol isn’t drumming for Jack Johnson, he somehow found time to put out this excellent folk album. The Reno/Tahoe region is one of our most heavily played areas, and it’s great to have a soundtrack from songs like “Crystal Bay.” True story, we were once snowed in Crystal Bay for what felt like an eternity and had to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from the same diner. Surprisingly, we didn’t turn into Jack Nicholas from ‘The Shining.’

“Let My Love Open the Door” by Tom Freund featuring Ben Harper

We’ve been Tom Freund fans for a number of years. Not only is he one of LA’s lesser-known songwriting gems, he’s a hilarious dude. On this Pete Townshend cover, Freund and Ben Harper provide a fresh take and re-imagination which offers a new appreciation for a tune you’ve likely heard a thousand times.

“Beverly Hells” by Swimm

I used to go watch these Florida boys play at stores in Venice when they first moved to LA a few years back, and I was blown away. It’s been a treat watching them grow and achieve some very well deserved success. Their songs are creative, catchy, and their lyrics very clever. I look forward to seeing them blow up.

“Chico River” by Mapache

This LA duo has some of the best harmonies I’ve ever heard. You would think they were brothers, ya know, because siblings always tend to have the best harmonies. It also works because one is a lefty guitar player, the other a righty and they share a mic. We look forward to seeing what’s next for these fellas.

“I Just Can’t Fucking Do It Anymore” by Christian Lee Hutson

Christian has a classic voice and some very clever lyrics. His tunes are easy to listen to and make a nice soundtrack for when you are having a good cry. His songs are sad but they make you feel good.

“Got To Me Since” by Izaak Opatz

Here’s another dude with a real classic voice and cool lyrics. He made a record called ‘Mariachi Static,’ and it’s good. I listen to it when I’m cleaning; I’m not really sure why. But you should listen to it if you have not.

“My Man” by Valley Queen

We have been a fan of Valley Queen for years, and their latest EP ‘Destroyer’ is wonderful. Their live show is also explosive so make sure to check one out if you get the chance.

“Take Me In” by Laura Jean Anderson

We had been hearing about Laura Jean Anderson for awhile, and when we finally saw her perform solo at a Sofar Sounds, we were blown away. Her voice and songs are perfect. Very much looking forward to her next release!

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