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Premiere: Kissy haunted by wintry ‘Electric Dreams’

Dixie Chicks once reveled in the liberation of leaving home on their 1998 hit “Wide Open Spaces.” That unshakable feeling of adulthood, on the brink of independence, the rush of the atmosphere brushing against your face, is one we all experience at some point in our lives. We never forget that moment we put the key in the ignition, drive off into the sunset and leave the past behind us. But the return can be as invigorating, if not replenishing. Sunny LA starlet Kissy scribbles a more bleak, somber adaptation of her feelings, however, of living back east during the winter months. “Electric Dreams” trembles with grisly synths filtered through rocky dabs, and the singer (real name Sasha Ortiz) yowls into the void.

“Electric dreams, they make me feel like someone real,” she blots. The claustrophobic pressure seeps out of her brain onto paper, triggering the listener into becoming as defenseless and exposed as she is. “I’m sending out a signal, a nocturnal ignition / I’m spinning / My capsule’s crazy…”

Premiering exclusive today, the unwieldy sound wave, which bottoms out to reveal delicate piano chords on a brittle repetition of the hook, extends Kissy’s starry-eyed potential. “‘Electric Dreams’ was a deeper writing process than I had ever gone through before. There’s a David Bowie reference in there that came about several months before he passed,” she tells B-Sides & Badlands, “…and it took on a more poetic and intimate personal meaning for me knowing the song now had more layers to it.”

“Electric Dreams” (out tomorrow) follows last year’s equally-capsized “Osaka” banger and will be featured in a compilation playlist curated by We Are: The Guard. Question of the millennium: when is that album coming?!?

Listen below:

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