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Premiere: Lance and Lea burn away every ‘Little Bit of You’

The charred remnants of the past rise like shadowy visions, coiled around the heart and all-consuming. They can leave you breathless but troubled⎯and, as Lance & Lea tell it, it is thoroughly devastating. “Everything falls apart. What you can’t see is there’s a little bit of you still left in me, a little piece of your heart that won’t break free,” the folk pair meditate, backed by one lone guitar and their tight-knit harmonies. “I’ve tried to wash you out, burn your memories to the ground…but there’s a little bit of you still left in me.” The haunting new ballad “is about moving on but still having pieces and fragments of that person in your heart,” they tell B-Sides & Badlands about the song, “and sometimes you don’t even realize they are still there.  You go about your life carrying the past with you but are unaware of it.  Then one day it hits you. That emotional wound can take time to heal, but once you become aware of it, it heals quicker.”

The accompanying visual for “Little Bit of You” is simple but powerful. Premiering today, it is a simple performance-like clip and focuses on their captivating interpretive skills. “We felt the video fit the mood of the song and wanted to keep it simple so that the song really shined through,” they share. “And the vibe while filming was peaceful and emotional at the same time.  We really wanted to capture both feelings.”

The nearly four-minute visual was filmed at videographer Wiley Chandler’s house with mellow creamy-white drapes and a potted tree as the backdrop. It is subtle imagery but unforgettable enough to balance the song’s more chilling, tragic undercurrent. “Why did I run so far away when there was so much left to say? How do I learn to let you go?” Lance and Lea wail as the arrangement surges into the climax.

“Little Bit of You” follows the recent release of “The Past” and both sample a new six-song EP, produced by Paul Worley (Riders in the Sky, Lady Antebellum) at Warner Bros. studio in Nashville. It is set to be released via Nashville’s Number One Group later this year. Through the death of Lea’s father and their deeply-rooted talents as storytellers, the duo were beckoned to Nashville, the city of dreams and inescapable magic. Lea born to an Amish family and Lance to a family in Beeville, Texas, their destiny was carved into stone. And now, they are fulfilling fate’s innate plan.

Their first EP dropped in 2014, a self-titled release, which includes such standouts as “Tears to June” and “My Life Begins.” The new music frames their growth as singers and songwriters in remarkable light. “The first EP we did in our small apartment home studio, so getting to cut this record in a major recording studio with a full band was an amazing experience.  We learned and grew so much in every way as artists and were able to really bring our vision for the songs to life.  We also got to work with some amazing musicians and an incredible producer and engineer team.”

Elsewhere on the new EP, they wrote “songs about heartbreak, songs about saving the planet and everything in-between,” they tease. “Creatively, we just stay open to whatever comes in that day. One thing we have both learned to do better is the letting go of control and trusting the process, especially when working with a team of people. The most important thing to us is not compromising ourselves or the music.”

Through piecing together the next chapter, they turn inward for lessons they’ve learned. “We learned even more to always trust ourselves and our instincts, as well as to not be afraid to speak up about how we feel, no matter what it might be.”

Watch below:

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  1. As usual, Lance & Lea are magnificent., such beautiful voices blending and touching our hearts. Well done.

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