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Premiere: Mereki has ‘Got It All’ on new track

Extravagance is packaged as the American Dream. The white picket fence, three-car garage, an adoring spouse and two adorably-vanilla children. From the aftermath of World War II, leading into the baby boomer wave, through the millennial generation, tradition dictates to want more, more, more. What we already have is never nearly enough, so we turn to greener pastures to quench our materialistic thirsts. When pop newcomer Mereki feels the cracking pressure, she reminds herself that all she could ever want is in her possession right here, right now. “Every time I wanna give up, when I think i’m losing my touch / Dancing inside of this storm / I don’t need anything more,” she sings, snarling out an anthem of empowerment and sharp poignancy called “Got It All,” swirling with twinkling synths, thumping drums and her glistening vocal.

“In my mind, I see the windows open wide / In my room, I feel the darkness where I lie,” she untwists in the opening lyric. Buried underneath layers of shimmering production, Mereki dares the listener to command their own destiny, boosted by a new, unconventional set of desires and needs. “I got some laughter left in my lungs / Kingdom of Heaven, I made up on my own / Is there an ocean inside my room? / I gave up caring where I’m driving to,” she outlines, shattering expectations and molding her own.

Her pedigree ⎯⎯ which includes writing songs for and with such game changers as Suki Waterhouse and Phantogram and landing a cut with Kylie Minogue ⎯⎯ equipped her with a raw ear for hooks and scorching melodies. Mereki has also been the featured vocalist on tracks by Holychild and Dhani Harrison and fronted the electro-pop group Goldroom. Her past led her to this moment in time, and she hasn’t looked back.

“Got It All” is lifted from her brand new Beach EP, out tomorrow.

Listen below:

Photo Credit: Lindsay Byrnes

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