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The Singles Bar: Micky Blue, ‘Good Love’

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“You’re so vain you probably think this song is just for you,” electro-pop provocateur Micky Blue retorts on “Good Love,” paying homage to prolific, transcending singer-songwriter Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” but wielding her own turn of events. Feeling tattered and torn from breathy toxicity, the upstart discharges a barbed kiss-off, vital to her well-being, as she surrenders the tired chains of the past for a fresh start. “We all have someone in our life who’s a narcissist, and it can really weigh you down, especially if you care about the person in spite of their aggravating traits,” Blue stated about the song, featuring production by Sanford Livingston (Arum Rae), Ben Braun (of Mackintosh Braun) and Xandy Barry (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus).

True to her aesthetic, as displayed splendidly on her debut EP, 2015’s Wild Things, “Good Love” is enrapturing, intimate and liberating. She also flashes every sparkly shade of her hand, maintaining her need to release “that burden,” she noted, pointedly. With a little time ⎯⎯ and a Bonnie McKee-level of capability ⎯⎯ she soars. “Writing this song gave me a healthy perspective on multiple parts of my life. I’m hoping it does the same for those who listen and clears out any negative energy that’s lingering in their lives, too.”

“Am I alone in here? Not even your walls will listen to me / Are you so unaware? Or do you pretend so effortlessly?” she considers, weighing each delicate matter with the utmost of vigilance. Synths carefully and wondrously build around her, leading into the jaunty chorus line. “Oh, oh, oh, your heart is blind / Oh, oh, oh, and I only have time for good, good, good, good love…” She doesn’t have time for the bullshit, and neither do we.

Grade: 3.5 out of 5

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