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Premiere: NIKO breaks his ‘Skin’ on debut single

Physical attraction and emotional connection are often inseparable, soldering the heart to itself into a throbbing, mechanical beast. The ensuing warfare is grisly and¬†further entangles your being in a fiery rage of animalistic confusion. Instead of remaining chained to those feelings,¬†newcomer NIKO maps out a story about “surrendering to your emotions, letting go of your inhibitions and allowing yourself to get lost in the moment with another person,” as he tells B-Sides & Badlands. His debut single, titled simply “Skin” (premiering exclusively today), is a glitter-fueled rave of those stark and intimate moments. “I thinking I’m breaking like the waves on the shore,” he depicts on the opening lyric, “A million diamonds on the ocean floor.”

“Your skin on my skin. Man, I feel like myself again ’cause you take me where it all began,” he roars on the hook, detailing the intoxicating high rising up from the volatile mix of their chemistry. “Like a map of the universe, your skin.” As his bio suggests, NIKO is “taking you on sonic journeys where fantasies become melodies, surpassing cultural boundaries for a liberating experience on your private dance floor.” He certainly lives up to expectations: “Skin” is equally splashy and addicting, hinting at even more depth bubbling just below the surface.

“Skin” officially drops this Friday (Sept. 22).

Listen below:

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