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Boombox Blitz: Plaid Brixx are runaway ‘Renegades’ in new video

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On the strength of windswept, sinewy synth-heavy pop-rock, Plaid Brixx have completely flipped the Columbus music scene on its proverbial head. Led with vocalist and guitarist Chris Duggan, along with bandmates Mark LeRose (on drums) and Jared Sawaya (on keys), the craftsmanship is anchored in penetrating lyrics and taut-framed but uncluttered production. “All we ever lost was found,” they brood on “The Greener Side,” a jaunty anthem about looking back and pushing forward, and on the jarringly-chill, house-lite “Renegades,” another cut from 2016’s oft-overlooked self-titled EP, they bask in the “beat of a different drum.” The trio wield their astute talents in building a story, letting it slow-burn before you’re moved to follow willingly.

Earlier this year, Plaid Brixx hit the bricks on tour with We the Kings. To commemorate the occasion, the group filmed various sequences for a music video, the recently-issued “Renegades,” which is doused in a black and white filter and aims to encapsulate the spirit of their live show. “We run, we jump, we bleed, we fall the same / We try and fail and fight another day / I can feel it in the air,” Duggan narrates over oscillating images in front of and behind the stage. “Taste it in the atmosphere / They all see the way that we move.” The subsequent beat drop is cleverly deceiving, morphing into a languid, moody chorus. “Yeah we are, we are the crazy and insane / Yeah we are, we are the ones who changed the game / Yeah we walk, we walk like kings out of the flame / Yeah we risk it all, they call us renegades…”

The visual is directed by long-time collaborator Paul Cunningham of Cool World Photography. “Thanks to everyone we met on tour and all the wonderful stories and faces we encountered,” the group write. “We had the time of our lives and are so grateful for the experience we had. We hope to see you all again very soon.”

Watch below:

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