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Premiere: Shatterproof’s ‘Definition of Fine’ witnesses spooky Breton Alexander remix

The ’80s were peak horror. Blood and guts and bodies, oh my! Slashers and sci-fi flicks tapped into our most primal fears, igniting countless sleepless nights and frightening unease to plague our daydreams in study hall. The boogeyman haunted us in the dead of night, and we prayed he wouldn’t take us in our sleep (“1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you” goes the old nursery rhyme, designed to send chills down our spine). Self-proclaimed horror fans, Shatterproof, a violin-rock band out of Fort Collins, Colo., who draw upon carnival, gypsy and latin music, cause a similar reaction with their horror-ific remix to their song “Definition of Fine.” Musical mastermind Breton Alexander dresses up the tune with Stranger Things-soaked synths and a ghoulish, Halloween-like tremble.

“We gave Bret creative freedom on the remix. Our entire band are huge fans of the show ‘Stranger Things,’ so when the song ended up having the same dark ’80s vibe, we were super excited,” frontman Branson Hoog tells B-Sides & Badlands, premiering the remix today. The band is rounded out by Jeremy Marmor (guitar, vocals), Josh Schoenig (bass, vocals), TJ Wessel (violin, keys) and Benji Spoliansky (drums).

“Are we taking cause you have something to say / Or are we talking cause you’re too damn afraid / Of the quiet silence, really didn’t mind it / But never mind I’m fine with it,” Hoog sings, the twisted synths simmering on high, playing out at the climax of some grainy, low-budget horror film. The tension is pulled so tight it snaps, mirrored through the production’s urgent, taut give and take. Michael Myers, is that you?

The original version of “Definition of Fine” is lifted from the band’s self-titled EP, issued last summer.

Listen below:

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