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The Singles Bar: SomeKindaWonderful, ‘Lion’

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The march toward death is inevitable ⎯⎯ and only seems to accelerate as we age. The trick is staying present and levelheaded and holding onto the things which make us feel young. Through our own efforts, we can flip the script on time’s merciless ticking. Electro-pop singer-songwriter Jordy Towers attempts to control his fate with his new single “Lion,” an appropriately ferocious mix of pop, rock and hip-hop and dripping with a sinuous vocal. “Please, can you step out of my life,” he hisses, the arrangement flowing between folk balladeering and a warped rap/trap conjuring. Later, he dredges up his inner turmoil: “We can’t I let this go? Some things you can’t let go…”

On the song’s message, he explains: “‘Lion’ is about mortality, but also about continuing to follow your dream. I’m getting older and starting to feel my mortality in everything that I experience. Things are changing, but I know that I’m a fighter at heart, and I’ll stay young and curious forever.”

Matched with producer Nikolai Potthoff (YATES, Leslie Clio), the pair make up SomeKindaWonderful, a magical, propulsive hybrid stretched between both the physical and spiritual worlds. “I’ll be a lion till I’m tame,” Towers growls over licks of synth and acoustic guitar and slathers of varied, grainy percussion. “Nothing came easy / I gave my life,” he avows.

“Lion” out via Vertigo/Capitol, follows the duo’s 2014 self-titled studio album.

Grade: 3 out of 5 

Listen below:

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