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Premiere: Sun K uncage ‘Bleeding Hearts’ in new video

“I only wanted to be a painter. I got into film because I wanted to make paintings move,” trailblazing director David Lynch once told a roomful of reporters ahead of the long-awaited Twin Peaks revival. With such films to his credit as The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Lost Highway, he has often been lauded a Renaissance man of modern cinema and one of the most important directors of this era. He is most known for his avant-garde approach to mainstream film-making, eerily mixing disturbing viewpoints of reality into unfiltered and potent compositions–shedding the sugar-coating prominently installed by Hollywood executives for gritty and devastating and worrisome artwork. His legacy career has included other such roles as photographer, cartoonist and composer, and he has never compromised his integrity for the sake of money.

His sinister, artsy and jarring screen style has also been enlisted for numerous music videos through the years, from Sparks’ “I Predict” and Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” (another version commissioned  for the Wild at Heart soundtrack) to “Came Back Home” by Nine Inch Nails. Up and coming alt-rock outfit Sun K summon up that same uneasiness unapologetically with their brand new music video for “Bleeding Hearts,” premiering today. Between the scratchy, throwback filter to the music’s innately stormy nature, the visual is haunted by a ghostly presence frontman Kristian Montano just can not seem to shake. “As a band we’ve always gravitated towards the sounds of 70s hazy rock n roll – big grooves, rich tones and smokey harmonies,” Montano tells B-Sides & Badlands about the song, which anchors the band’s new album of the same name. “‘Bleeding Hearts’ encapsulates what we tried to capture with this record, high-energy heart-on- your-sleeve rock and roll with enough of our personal sensibilities mixed in to give it that distinct Sun K sound.”

“Counting down the hours. So, cover me in flowers,” he weeps, almost prayer-like. “And stripped of all my power, till she’s here again. My bleeding heart spoke too soon. My bleeding heart’s got room for two.” The track is produced by Cone McCaslin, bassist and backing vocalist of Sum 41, who also helmed the band’s debut project, 2015’s Northern Lies. The accompanying video was directed/produced by Ryan Thompson with Georgetown, Ontario as the backdrop.

Bleeding Hearts is expected for release this fall.

The band is rounded out by Stuart Retallack (on horns, keyboards and backing vocals), Kevin Michael Butler (on strings, guitars and backing vocals), Scott Tiller (on drums) and Gil Paul (bass).

Watch below:

Check out their upcoming summer tour dates:

June 23, Toronto ON – The Horseshoe Tavern (NXNE)

July 1, Toronto ON – Queen’s Park (Canada 150)

July 5, Thunder Bay ON – The Foundry

July 7, Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg Folk Festival

July 8, Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg Folk Festival

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