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Boombox Blitz: The Accidentals bookmark their live show in ‘Odyssey’ video

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The Accidentals are architects of their own design, burning tattered polaroids of folk, rock and pop that melt into their stormy, well-worn and poetically-hazy storytelling. “I keep the score of everything I have in store,” an icy line reads in the titular cut of their new album, Odyssey, which punctuates the sharp, blustery playing against the fluid, uncertain nature of life itself. The accompanying visual (below) is polished but bleeds out from ripened wisdom, embodying the chaos and euphoria of their live shows while relinquishing the serenity and renewal of open water.

“Feel the weight of cold upon your shoulders from the lake / The words you drowned leave a bitter taste inside your mouth,” the trio ⎯⎯ Savannah Buist, Katie Larson and Michael Dause ⎯⎯ paint, illustrating the intoxicating thrill of performing with the world’s raggedly unexpected rebirth. “Whatever you have sheathed will throw itself against your teeth / Until you have the guts to let it out.”

With every snapshot lyric or flick of their bow, The Accidentals dig their heels into the earth with fearless determination reflecting off their steely, watchful eyes. Odyssey is just the beginning.

Watch below:

Photo Credit: Tony Demin

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