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The Singles Bar: The Darcys, ‘Another Log on the Fire’

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Christmas music is a tough business to crack. In the shadow of such torchbearers as Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and Mariah Carey, who cemented the perfectly succulent and contagious modern holiday classic, artists make a bid to catch lightning in a bottle every single year. Some hit the mark tremendously; others not so much. Alt-pop duo The Darcys irrefutably embody the former with their glowing new entry called “Another Log on the Fire.” Shimmering with sheer warmth and the intoxicatingly sweet spirit of Christmas cheer, from the gentle crackle of embers to a cozy fire-side snuggle, the song feels special.

“Another year, honey, where does the time go? The fire’s warm. The house’s decorated just so,” singer Jason Couse unwraps on the first verse, perched somewhere between “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “White Christmas.” “When you look out, out the window to catch a glimpse of that first snow, I can see your silhouette, baby, in the Christmas light’s glow. I want to feel more connected. I want to be more attentive,” he urges.

“I love you. I need to express it,” the singer later determines, pouring the romance on thick. The choir of bells and background vocals blanket the eardrums, and as the song crescendoes, Couse’s vocal erupts into unadulterated longing. The edges crack and fall away, as he bares his construction-paper heart. It glistens underneath a fresh coat of snow, sharpened by a crystal clear night sky and penetrating heavenly beams. “Baby, I wanna give everything you deserve, make all your wishes come true this Christmas,” he heaves, breathless in the final line.

The Darcys, whose roaring holiday tune follows the release of 2016’s underrated Centerfold, are proficient marksman. “Another Log on the Fire,” incandescent and charming, is one of their most glorious moments.

Grade: 3.5 out of 5

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