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Hook & Reel: Troye Sivan & Hayley Kiyoko deliver pristine pop excellence

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Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko have more than a few similarities – both are successful actors turned pop singers, both have feverish fan bases, both are critically acclaimed for their avant-garde approach to pop music and exceptional cinematography in their music videos, and both are also out and proud LGBTQIA role models. To top that off, both just released the best work of their respective musical careers this week.

Troye’s always been at home swimming in synths that purr like hummingbirds, drums that plunk like raindrops and sighing, lovelorn hooks crafted with the help of longtime pals and pop auteurs Leland and Allie X. But never before has he reached the breathtaking heights in “My My My!,” the first single from his upcoming sophomore album. An exhilarating ode to burning lust so powerful it erupts into blinding love, Troye is breathless in passion and joy, twirling through the chorus in a wild dance of desire. Speaking of dance, the ’80s Madonna-esque music video finds Troye exuding his sexuality with a confidence never seen before, sashaying and swaying his way through empty warehouses and hallways full of gorgeous, sweaty men.

On the other side of the coin, Hayley’s “Curious” is easily the tightest, catchiest song she’s released thus far in her career. This is in part due to the star’s strengthened foothold in navigating the pop genre over the past year, and also due in part to the team she wrote the track with, which includes pop songwriters Lisa Terror (of Terror Jr.) and Brandon Skeie (part of Justin Tranter’s songwriting team). “Curious” finds Kiyoko slyly questioning the motives of an ex who’s unconvincingly moved on to a man, crooning come-ons cooly over thick slabs of bass synths and crisp, minimalist percussion. The accompanying video is a vibrant affair, Kiyoko surrounded by smoldering women and executing some grade A choreo to get the attention of her ex-lover.

Troy Sivan’s “My My My!” and Hayley Kiyoko’s “Curious” herald what is sure to be a year of exceptional queer-pop, and specifically, phenomenal musical output from the two talented musicians. While you impatiently wait for the two LGBTQIA singers’ upcoming albums, enjoy both videos above and stream their respective singles on Apple Music and Spotify!

Photo Credits: Laura Lewis Photograph/Atlantic Records

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