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Playlist: Whiskey in the Pines jam to sweet tuneage while eating tacos

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If you don’t love tacos, you’re probably just not living the right kind of lifestyle. But if you do (like us ⎯⎯ we’re chowing down as we type), you’ll also want to partake in a meaty, spicy, lettuce-y, oh-so satisfying playlist from Americana outfit Whiskey in the Pines. The Songs to Eat Tacos to While Driving to Tennessee (phew! what a mouthful!) playlist is stacked (literally tortilla shell to tortilla shell) with songs from Kathleen Edwards, Beck, Tom Petty and John Moreland, among others.

The group, comprised of lead singer David Lareau, Kelly Chavers (guitar), Aaron Halford (bass) and Miles Bozeman (drums), are set to issue their new EP, Sunshine from the Blue Cactus, Feb. 2.

Below, Lareau walks us through the playlist, track-by-track.

“Change The Sheets” by Kathleen Edwards

This song just makes me want to drive. It’s the first song I put on every time I drove to Nashville to record our new EP. I love this record, and it puts me in the perfect mood to forget about whatever I need to forget about and to just enjoy the now.

“Baby Don’t You Want Me” by Lucero

The sweethearts of alt-country can write some tunes that make you want to write tunes. No better a band to listen to for a drive to Tennessee since this is where they are from. This newer record of theirs is a solid listen from front to back and reminds me of the time we opened up for them and shared tacos. No lie.

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Sad songs make me happy. I forget about this song but every time I hear it, this rush of emotion just washes over me. Kinda the way I feel when someone says lets go get tacos. Warm, fuzzy and sad when I eat them all.

“Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic

There’s almost a gospel feel to this song that makes you feel like you can take over the world. Whenever I’m going to Tennessee, it’s normally to do something creative, and there is no better feeling like you can take on anything when heading into the fire.

“Casualties” by American Aquarium

Whew. You can almost taste the imagery on this song. Making records means playing shows and traveling the world. BJ Barham lays it on thick with this one. Very similar to how I like my guacamole on my tacos. Nice and thick.

“The Golden Age” by Beck

This is the perfect song to listen to with the windows cracked, driving in the cold, with the sun setting behind the mountains right outside Georgia. Totally introspective moment which normally leads to the discovery that one is hungry for tacos.

“California Stars” by Billy Brag & Wilco

I don’t ever remember California stars being all that special but I know this: there is no way they compete with the countryside at night driving into the outskirts of Tennessee. Regardless, it’s a great song and makes the last hour of the drive feel like a breeze with it’s loose and jangly feel.

“Stop Draggin My Heart Around” by Tom Petty featuring Stevie Nicks

Tom Petty is tacos. All of his songs are different flavors and spices. If someone hasn’t opened up a taco shack with taco’s named after his songs, then I know what I’ll be doing with my retirement. Driving my taco truck with Tom Petty Tacos to Tennessee.

“Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore” by John Moreland

Tennessee is all about the songs, and it’s sad to see the importance of that slightly fade in mainstream music. On the other hand, there’s songwriters like Moreland who remind you of just how special a great song can be with four chords and some wizardesque lyrics.

“Stumbling in the Dark” by Whiskey in the Pines

A lot of people speculate that this is a relationship song. As rightful owner and writer, I do declare that the song was written about stumbling around drunk, in the dark, in the studio in Nashville… you guessed it… looking for tacos. I play this every time I head that way just to be reminded of the spectacle that ensued.

“Happy” by John Fullbright

Nothing makes me happier than Tacos and Tennessee. So, of course, this song reminds me of how happy I’m about to be when the wheels are in motion heading for the promised land. I dare you to listen to this song and not hum it all day long.

“The Stable Song” by Gregory Alan Isakov

Straight up: this song has nothing to do with this playlist other than that I include it on every playlist I make because it’s just a solid great song. Brilliant.

“Everybody’s on the Run” by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Every playlist should have a Noel Gallagher song on it. I am a huge fan of his and not only is the song monumental but it has such a great sense of escapism. To me, there’s such romanticism and freedom when you’re on a road trip by yourself heading not only to Tennessee but wherever the next adventure may lie. Even if it is just driving down the street in your hometown, on a dreary Thursday night, to pick up some of your favorite… local… tacos.

Photo Credit: Pat McDonnel

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