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Boombox Blitz: Bay Ledges don’t wanna be ‘Safe’ in new video

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If you’re terrified, it means you’re doing something right. Whether you are aiming to take your career to the next level or smitten by Cupid’s pointed, precisely-drawn arrow, those feelings won’t ever go away until you vanquish all the What Ifs clouding your judgement. “I don’t wanna speak too soon but I think I love you,” Zach Hurd, of Bay Ledges, blurts out on the duo’s single “Safe,” a funky, ’70s-energized alt-pop track from their new Fountain Tropical EP (out now). Joined by his sister Georgia Hurd, the pair deliver bite-sized psychedelia with the accompanying visual, directed by Ellis Bahl, known for his work with Capital Cities, Big Sean, Us the Duo and Banks, among others.

“We recorded ‘Safe’ in my apartment with a mic and laptop…there wasn’t any sort of proper studio set up so we’d just use my bedroom or kitchen,” said Zach. “Ellis had the idea of showing a more surreal version of the writing/recording/performing process and pairing it with glitchy visuals that speak to what’s happening sonically in the song. We think it’s a fun and weird take on a song that took quite a bit longer than three minutes to make.”

With a third-person vantage point firmly planted in the middle of the room, the perspective spins through various scenes, as the physical bodies flicker and shift in and out of the camera frame. “We got magic in our heads,” Zach later proposes, rather urgently. “We play in the stars when the sun comes up / Get into my bed…” The viewer is taken into a makeshift film set, and the parallels between outlining creativity onscreen and overthinking a budding romance become evident. We don’t wanna speak too soon, but we think we love the video. “Safe” fits snugly between feeling throwback enough to shoulder significant artistic nuance and musically-glossy to lure in ever-younger listeners.

Watch below:

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