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Premiere: Dankjewel capture ‘Pulp Fiction’ spirit with one-off, ‘Vincent Vega’

For 24-hours only, Dankjewel, a glittery, psychedelic outfit out of Reno, Nev., are offering up their starry-eyed new track “Vincent Vega” as a free download⎯capped at 200. “You know, whenever the sun is leaving the sky and it feels like it’s about to begin, this animal in myself, when it hits, will always do it again. I swear I’m not in control when the night is getting under my skin,” frontman David Alastair vibes hard on the opening lyric, both fluid and concrete. “How could I ever bitch when I’m feeling so good. I just can’t complain. All I wanna do is get up and dance with you, out on the floor forever, love…”

Following a trip to Amsterdam in 2015, Alastair moved to Reno and began devising a troupe of musicians, now including Danny Lennon (guitars, vocals), Aaron Chiazza (drums), Alex Korostinsky (bass and synth), Paul Curatolo (multi-instrumentalist) and Zach Donley (guitars and synth). The group issued their first EP last year, which features such spacey mixes as “The Jewel of Yakushima” and the hazy “Honeymoon Phase.”

If the song’s title sounds familiar, well, it should⎯or you’ve been living under a rock for the past 23 years. On the new track, recorded at Butter City Studios, the group tells B-Sides & Badlands: “‘Vincent Vega’ was born after watching the dance scene in ‘Pulp Fiction.’ We wanted to capture the essence of everything John Travolta’s character was thinking and feeling in that moment. More generally speaking, we wanted to also have a song that fit anybody’s good mood, something that they could turn on and feel alive listening to. Some say you’re most alive when you dance. We wanted to provide a soundtrack to those moments in everyone’s life where they just need to get up and hit the dance floor.”

The famous dance scene, featuring Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in a twist-off, remains one of the most iconic sequences in film history. Welding four tales together in a racy narrative of violence, greed and redemption, the flick (one of Quentin Tarantino’s best works) also stars Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis.

“All I wanna do is get up and dance with you (get up and dance with you). I’m cutting loose on this rug, just because I won’t be giving a fuck. I left my worries at home, and I came to put some holes in my brand new chucks,” Alastair later whispers into the heavenly synth-soaked concoction, blending with rockier and groovier accents. Nearly four-minutes, the poetic composition embodies life’s fleeting nature, tapping into that millennial, #YOLO fervor with luxurious calm.

Listen below:

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