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Freshly Squeezed, Vol. 1: Gonzalla, Fazerdaze, The Brinks & more

Welcome to Freshly Squeezed, a weekly new music playlist: spanning country, pop, EDM and urban, mainstream and other.

As the inaugural playlist here on B-Sides & Badlands, brand spankin’ new songs will be blended in with standout tracks released within the past several weeks. From such irresistible hooks by Halsey and Gonzalla to The Brinks and the blurry-eyed Fazerdaze, this lineup will assuredly quench your hunger for the next breakout star–or, at the very least, you’ll uncover truly great music that needs to be heard. Mainstream music won’t be completely shunned, of course, so you’ll find plenty of recognizable names to revel in, too.

This week’s playlist includes acts like The Secret Sisters, AJR, Banners, Jaime Wyatt, DeModa, Smallpools, Andrew Belle and many more. Down below you’ll find a complete music guide, the who/what/genre for your reference.

Each playlist will be refreshed every Friday afternoon. We reserve the right to update anytime during the week, so make sure you bookmark this page.

Take a spin:

Here is this week’s handy-dandy music guide:

The Brinks"Honey"Pop/Rock
Jena Irene Asciutto"Black Magic"Pop/RockCold Fame
Maggie Rose"More Dreams Than Dollars"Pop/CountryDreams>Dollars
Sheare"Beautiful Disfunction"PopTurbulence
Liz Rose"Letters from Prison"CountrySwimming Alone
Lorde"Perfect Places"Pop/AlternativeMelodrama
Halsey"Heaven in Hiding"Pophopeless fountain kingdom
Zac Brown Band"Your Majesty"CountryWelcome Home
Justin Townes Earle"Kids in the Street"CountryKids in the Street
Madelin"Good List"PopSelf Titled
Mack Keane"Imagine"Pop/R&B2107
Little Reader"Burn Eternal"PopThe Big Score
Mating Ritual"How You Gonna Stop It?"PopHow You Gonna Stop It? Vol. 1
Smith & Thell"Row"Folk/PopSoulprints
DeModa"Moments"Pop/EDMLucid Dreams
XYLO"I Still Wait for You"Pop
Suzie Brown"Sometimes Your Dreams Find You"CountrySometimes Your Dreams Find You
Julia Michaels"Uh Huh"Pop
Amanda Fondell"Naked"PopIn a Talk with Nature
Harrison Wheeler"Dream"Pop
Matthew Ryan"Close Your Eyes"Country/RockHustle Up Starlings
Pokey LaFarge"Going to the Country"CountryManic Revelations
The Steel Woods"Della Jane's Heart"CountryStraw in the Wind
Jade Jackson"Troubled End"CountryGilded
Jaime Wyatt"Misery and Gin"CountryFelony Blues
Michaela May"You & I"PopRogue EP
Banners"Someone to You"Pop
Susanne Sundfør"Undercover"Pop/AlternativeMusic for People in Trouble
Andrew Belle"Down"Pop
Starley"Touch Me"Pop/R&B
Little Hours"How Could I Love You"Pop/Singer-songwriter
Secret Sisters"Mississippi"CountryYou Don't Own Me Anymore
Miley Cyrus"Inspired"Country/Pop
Smallpools"Million Bucks"PopThe Science of Letting Go EP
Ansel Elgort"You Can Count on Me"Pop
Lost Kings"Look at Us Now"Pop/EDM
Andy Grammer"Give Love"Pop
AJR"No Grass Today"PopThe Click
Glen Campbell/Willie Nelson"Funny How Time Slips Away"CountryAdios
XY&O"One More Night (Lemonade)"Pop/Rock
Lindsay Buckinham & Christine McVie"Red Sun"Country/RockSelf-Titled
Amanda Anne Platt & the Honeycutters"What We've Got"CountrySelf-Titled
Shannon McNally"I Ain't Gonna Stand for It"CountryBlack Irish
Phoenix"Lovelife"Pop/AlternativeTi Amo
Allie X"Vintage"PopCollXtion II
Justin Bieber/David Guetta"2U"Pop/House
Chris Wills"This Place Ain't for Me"Folk/AmericanaThis Place Ain't for Me EP

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