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Boombox Blitz: Gianni Paci reveres lady in blue in ‘Honest Thing’ video

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Love can make you do crazy things, almost instilling a superman-like quality into your brain and distorting your sense of reality. And it doesn’t have to be romantic; personal relationships can have just as dizzying an effect. Smooth-taking alt-rocker Gianni Paci once found himself enchanted by an unnamed lady in blue (who is portrayed by his real-life mother), as you’ll witness in all its psychedelic grandeur with his “Honest Thing” music video. The clip is magnificently simple, direct camera angles framing her elegant charm and radiant shimmer. She meanders aimlessly through a deserted carnival, seemingly seeking out an unlikely thrill or dose of adventure. “It’s an honest thing / The song I sing for you / You make me want to do the things I can’t,” Paci, who’s shared stages with such rock legends as Kiss’ Steven Adler and the late, great Mike Starr of Alice In Chains, croons between lethargic guitar licks.

His wondrous performance is notably unhurried, licensing the song to unravel naturally and precisely. The visual is as equally unfussy, a literal manifestation of his adoration for her. When the Lady in Blue approaches the Teacup Ride, the sequence borrows the hallucinatory ambience of the classic Alice in Wonderland children’s tale ⎯⎯ linking life’s sweet (yet empowering) delight with the physical world. It’s a bit mental, you could say. “I’m gonna find a home for this sleepy head She called me on and on—now her voice is dead,” Paci later illustrates.

“Honest Thing” finds Paci turning to his mother as his source of motivation and follows last year’s atly-titled extended play, I Tried to Right My Wrongs, But I Made a Left.

Watch below:

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