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Boombox Blitz: Kiri T finds pure rapture with ‘Strangers’

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The old adage “a drunk mind speaks a sober heart” is never more true than imbibing handsomely one Friday night out, the bar’s neon rays mixing with an elixir’s spellbinding blend. You come across someone who strikes your fancy, and you pour your heart out to them. But when the hours tick by and you awaken, groggy and glazed-over, the next morning, you are only left with regret ⎯⎯ perhaps those confessions were never meant to be spoken aloud. We’ve all been there, for better or for worse. Pop upstart Kiri T explores those notions with an aptly-titled single “Strangers,” in which she depicts the love-struck space between sober and drunk. “Till our impurity prevails / Then we can pretend we’re in love and slow dance, play romance,” she sings, unfurling a provocative atmospheric trip.

The music video is expectedly entrancing. Helmed by Kiri T and Endy Chow JauGwokYin, quite the talented musician in his own right, the visual distorts fact and fiction, utilizing a vibrant color palette and starburst-like filters. “This is about my perspective of inebriation, meeting/interacting with someone when you are under influence, and coming out of it when you are sober; unsure of whats real and whats not, confused,” she says. “I’m exploring what is it, when you meet someone you thought was special or experience something you thought was meaningful while you are high, is this person genuinely special to you and you’re just telling him/her because you can be honest while you are drunk/high? Or is it just the alcohol talking, nothing is genuine in any of this?”

Those questions remain unanswered, and through Kiri T’s own late-night excursions and booze-soaked hook-ups, she somehow inches closer to her own set of personal revelations.

Watch below:

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