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Boombox Blitz: Zoey G is just a ‘Runaway’

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Romantic entanglements often pose a dichotomy of emotions, contrasts shaded by angst and uncertainty. “Why do you always run from me like you don’t know me?” Zoey G probes with her caramel smooth new single “Runaway,” the titular cut to her forthcoming EP. Feeling like a Camila Cabello or Dua Lipa b-side, the sweltering latin-flavored track, produced by Stefan Litrownik (drummer for Billy Ray Cyrus, Kelley James and others) and Shannon McArthur (Andy Grammer, Lucy Hale), hits the sweet spot of her voice, casting the evocative storyline into the shimmering tropical summer sun.

“Don’t go / Don’t run / I know / We’re already done / With me / I see / You here / I really care/ I just can’t seem to get away,” she sings, situating her blunder as a flighty yet calculated happenstance. Later, she considers his love is “just a myth,” over airy guitar and pulsating heart-like drums, gentle but striking. “They don’t know / You lit a fire with gasoline / You’re just gonna plead the fifth…”

The accompanying visual taps further into a relationship’s contradictory nature, again juxtaposed against the breezy and beautiful coastal scene where Zoey finds herself seeking solace and escape. “We all have emotions, whether it be the ‘I don’t care’ side or the ‘I really care’ side. [This song] conveys both of those sides, the instrumental portion being the ‘I don’t care,’ and the melody and lyrics being the ‘I really care’ side,” says the singer, songwriter and musician, who is accomplished on guitar, piano, saxophone, ukulele and bass. Her musical sensibilities serve her well and signal she has much more to offer. While “Runaway” might not be transcendent or groundbreaking, it illustrates vocal subtly and charm.

Zoey G’s new EP is expected later this year.

Watch below:

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