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Premiere: Bingx is ‘Missing You’ in new music video

When you’re bitten by the love-bug, you see everything in shades of red. You miss someone so bad, it can feel like a hole is ripped through your chest (even when it’s only been 30 minutes). “I miss you like Tiger Woods misses his prime,” Bingx, a musician out of Seattle, quips in his song “Missing You,” a beachy, rapid-fire spit about his sweetheart’s “radiant” face. “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye,” he stresses, drawing parallels to the legendary rapper’s infamous ego. “I think you like it when you make me nervous,” the performer peels back the layers of his own misgivings about her unreciprocated feelings.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve seen you, baby / It’s been awhile since I’ve heard your name, oh I / I admit I’m dreaming of your face,” he revels on the opening stanza. “Do you even miss me, babe?” The reggae-flavored melody serves as a loose framework to Bingx’s natural swagger and gives him the opportunity to spin from syncopation to sweet-talker crooning. Later, he is even more upfront: “You don’t return my calls, even thumb me a text / I see the confirmation ‘read’ right up under the text / But yet, you act like I don’t exist.”

In the accompany visual, premiering today, Bingx escapes to an East Coast strip ⎯⎯ sun beating down and waves lapping on the shore. The video (directed by Ed Pryor, known for his work with Colt Ford, Sister Hazel, Frayser Boy and Redneck Souljers, among others) flickers between various sweltering beachside scenes. He is so terribly smitten, his reality and fantasy blur together into a dreamy, tropical mix. “I flew down to Florida for a weekend to film the video, and it was a blast,” Bingx tells B-Sides & Badlands. “The song and video have feel good, beachy vibes, and I’m pumped that I’m finally getting the chance to display my diversity as a singer-songwriter. Positive vibes all around!”

“Missing You” is lifted from Bingx’s latest album, My E.G.O., out now on AVJ Records.

Watch below:

Photo Credit: Duan Davis

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