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Hook & Reel: Summer Jam of the Week – ‘OMG’ by Camila Cabello

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As Camila Cabello‘s navigated the waters of solo stardom, she’s kept her fans on their feet by volleying a plethora of collaborators and musical styles into the tracks heralding her forthcoming debut The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.  She kicked off her album campaign in mid-May with the trop-house sad-banger “Crying in the Club,” written with Sia, followed closely by the symphonic, razor-edged “I Have Questions,” which flaunts the penmanship of “Bitch Better Have My Money” songwriter Bibi Bourelly. The two tracks definitely fall in “The Hurting” part of her album, and left the pop music world wondering if this wildly-anticipated record would be full of heavy, melodramatic flare.

Luckily, Cabello’s switched it up on her newest double-feature of new songs. There’s the Charli XCX co-penned “OMG,” featuring Quavo, and also “Havana,” which features a guest verse from Young Thug and writing credits from Pharrell. The slow burn, latin flare of “Havana” – flaunting a piano riff that sounds dangerously similar to Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love” – showcases a sultrier side to the starlet. However, “OMG” is more of a viable candidate for the radio.

Flipping the script on the hip-hop influenced bro-pop that’s been flooding the radio, Cabello flexes her best Lil Uzi Vert impression over a hazy flute, stuttering trap-lite beat, and window-shaking bass courtesy of veteran pop producers Stargate. But instead of objectifying men as one would expect from the singer swapping lyrical roles with her male pop counterparts, she instead takes the chorus to flaunt herself and her girls as femme fatales. Even Quavo’s verse fits well within the confines of the song, as he sits off to the side in awe of Cabello and her crew.

Camila’s claimed neither “OMG” nor “Havana” are official singles. Though wouldn’t a proper video for “OMG” easily elevate the track to single status? I have questions…

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