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Premiere: Christina LaRocca is a wandering ‘Child of the Sun’ in new video

We are all made to toil the earth, taking the red-dirt in our hands or kicking it up underneath our wandering, timeworn boots. While our quest to find salvation may overlap with that of others, it is uniquely shaped by our own footsteps ⎯⎯ from weaving down into darkened valleys and foraging dusty precipices of the unknown to ascending stately mountaintops. Americana singer Christina LaRocca‘s expedition has been an astounding one. She was born into an Italian family below the bright lights of New York City, inheriting her natural gift from a long line of talented craftsmen and women, but she was itching to find her own way. Over three years ago, she dashed away from the east coast for freedom and to find her destiny. “On this California coast is where I let my spirit roam / Light up a Smoke, swig a flask of Jack / I write these words in a paperback / If I can get it all down before daylight, I’ll get some sleep tonight,” she howls, penetrating the sticky coastal heat with her ethereal vocal, on “Child of the Sun,” one-half of her latest EP, which daringly distills an Americana sound with a shaky, pounding rock sizzle.

“I wrote [this song] while sitting in an apartment with zero furniture in Long Beach years ago before moving out to the west coast,” she says of the rock anthem, produced by Robb Torres (former Trapt guitarist and now frontman of Robbery Inc). “It definitely was a defying moment in my life. In my reflection, with no distractions, I realized we are all on a journey of sorts. Follow the beat of the drum. Follow your heart.”

The accompanying visual, premiering today via B-Sides & Badlands, was shot in the stunning, smoldering Joshua Tree landscape and directed by Jacob Voelzke (known for his work with Letters from the Fire, Heffron Drive, City by Storm). LaRocca meanders underneath the sun’s blistering gaze, and her spirit and nature become one, fulfilling some ancient prophesy. “I’m still searching for a peace of mind,” she roars. The scenery sweeping out from her fingertips seems to rattle and crack, mirroring her own overwhelming personal revelations. “The sound, sound, sound of my heart beats like a drum  / I’ve found, found, found I am a Child of the Sun,” LaRocca accepts, her soul emanating radiance and warmth that only truly knowing yourself can bring.

LaRocca’s Child of the Sun EP is out now.

Watch below:

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