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Premiere: LADYCHILD conjure Janis Joplin in debut video, ‘Out of Breath’

Janis Joplin died at only 27 from a drug overdose. She was supposed to be hitting the recording studio that devastating, crisp October day, but she was found unresponsive in her hotel room. A great singer met by a tragic end. But her legacy has been a profound one. You can practically trace her influence, from Courtney Love and Joan Jett to P!nk, Grimes and Florence + the Machine, rare candidates of carrying that burden but one in which they bear without hesitation. It’s hard to find an artist who hasn’t been impacted by Joplin’s music in some way. So, it’s no surprise up and coming rock group LADYCHILD would inhabit that same psychedelic freestyle of the ’60s so unapologetically in their music. With debut single “Out of Breathe” and the accompanying music video, premiering today, front woman Genevieve Faivre staggers around the space in true Joplin fashion, toasting in the music’s sweet nectar.

As the lead-in to the self-titled debut EP, they lay the foundation for a legacy of their very own. “It’s a melodic representation of kicking in the front door and shouting ‘Here I am!,'” Faivre tells B-Sides & Badlands about the volatile new track, which serves as “an ode to the ’90s grunge and garage band era. I just miss that kickass rawness rock music had during that time. It’s an energy and attitude that I feel is largely missing from popular music today.”

The visual, directed by actress Eve Lindley (All We Had, Mr Robot), plays intimately and gets inside into your brain ⎯⎯ and then they take a ferocious bite out of it. That’s the core of their charm. “[It] is your classic rock band music video. It’s simple and raw, low budget but flashy. I wanted the video to have the same high energy as the song: to show people what a LadyChild show would be like,” she says.

Shot at King Killer Studio, production exuded the makeshift, erratic spirit “of the Brooklyn art scene. There were musicians in and out of the building all day, people in the hallways discussing the concept of their albums, recording sessions, rehearsals and photo shoots on the street outside,” Faivre recalls. “And then there was us right in the middle of it; a large group of 25 year olds with lights, cameras, fog machines, drinking whiskey all day, throwing glitter and calling it art.”

The upcoming EP, produced by Mike Abiuso, is due March 9.

Watch below:

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