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Premiere: Lake Jons dart to another dimension on ‘Lake Family’

Jooel Jons, Jaska Stenroth and Mikka Pennanen take the earth in their hands. Designed for some cosmic destiny, stopgap commanders of the space odyssey, Finnish outfit Lake Jons breathe new life into the alternative folk hybrid, calling upon the whistling wind and dirt underneath their boots. With their self-titled debut full-player expected Jan. 19, the trio, whose radical style is as refreshing as it is familiar, give B-Sides & Badlands an early peek into their creative synergy. “Lake Family,” premiering today, lingers on the lips and in between the cracks of Americana and rock, splashed with an earthy presence only the open range and starry night could ignite. Hidden away deep within the Finnish forest, the band holed up in a cabin to find themselves and a muse to propel them forward.

“Lake Family” is particularly striking and seems to be born of a rejuvinated spirit. “’Lake Family’ is a kind of a mix of old and new Lake Jons. I like to imagine myself sitting in a remote cabin in the verses and then when the chorus comes you just fly to another dimension through a hole in the swamp or something,” muses lead singer Jons. “It also reminds us how family bonds don’t change no matter the dimension.”

An ensemble since 2014, the group don’t expect the forthcoming album to be too much of a departure of what they’ve always set about to accomplish. “The songs on the album are just the natural continuation of what we’ve done before,” he once noted. While calling Helsinki home, flourishing with a cozy and welcoming music scene, as diverse and prosperous as ever, their sonic touchstones run far and wide ⎯⎯ an appealing universality, cementing them as ingenious and compelling craftsmen.

Listen below:

Photo Credit: Markus Henttonen

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