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Premiere: October Rose go ‘All In’ with new anthem

Life isn’t there for you to observe; it’s meant to be experienced. The highs, the lows, the in-betweens, every moment illustrates life’s dynamism, often risky in nature. And if we play our cards right, we meet people, friends and lovers, who make us feel even more alive and willing to jump off cliffs together. It’s a game of chance, really, and pop-country duo October Rose know all about that. With their new single “All In,” a hearty stock of contemporary country and throwback, mid-00s pop-rock, premiering exclusively today, Leanne Weiss and Derek Allan grapple with the past and long to find a new lease on life. “So many times in life, I was ready to fault / The chips were down / I was all cashed out,” Weiss sings, opening the song at rock bottom.

But they quickly turn things around. “I was the queen of broken hearts, too many jokers I gambled on / I was down on my luck / I thought I lost it all until you proved me wrong,” she considers, weighing someone’s irrefutable impact on her life, pulling her mind, body and spirit out of the ashes. While it possess a clear romantic thread line, the spunky tune plays as a tribute to their early beginning as a duo.

In late 2016, the pair doubled down on risk-taking and gave music-making a go: Allan had just relocated to New Jersey from Pittsburgh and reached out to Weiss about collaborating through social media. The two hit it off almost instantly and began writing songs together, resulting in the issue of their glossy, trendy debut single “Heartbreak Song” last summer. “All In” is cut from a similar sonic fabric, drenched in an easily-digestible luster and working as a perfect windows-down, scream-your-lungs-out kind of summer anthem. “[This song] was inspired by our passion to fulfill our dreams and how we feel about our project as a duo. We wrote the song relatively quickly. It started as a melody idea that we had, and we went back and forth with music and lyric changes until it developed into the song it is now,” the duo tell B-Sides & Badlands.

The pay-off is in the song’s plucky attitude, which reaches the climax on the sweeping bridge. “We can’t undue the past / So, let’s tie the knot and give it all we got,” Allan swoons later, wrapping the song in a saccharine little bow.

The duo’s debut EP, also titled All In, is set to drop later this spring.

Listen below:

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