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Premiere: Tiny Fighter bend reality with debut video, ‘New Century’

Reality is subjective, distorted by our personal truths and quixotic reveries. “Too afraid to see things turning,” alt-pop duo Tiny Fighter record on their debut single, an indie-rock-saturated jam called “New Century,” which captures the magical but lethal nature of daydreams. Comprised of Melbourne’s Tim Spelman (of haze-pop outfit Fire to the Stars) and Therese Karlsson (out of Stockholm), the pair inspect their own failings, stuck between fact and fallacy. “Seeing someone else living the dream while you’re hiding in your loneliness,” they later ruminate, the production as feathery as it is melancholic. The accompanying visual, premiering today, is suitably anamorphic, as they physically manifest the gnarled webs of their most fanciful musings.

“We really like pushing what a music video can do and always write with a visual in mind. This is why it looks so crazy. We’re trying to convey that idea in the song of daydreaming or imagining what could be by distorting and exaggerating normal everyday things and surroundings,” the band tells B-Sides & Badlands of the clip, directed by Kyle V. James, the man behind Fire to the Stars’ “Stay Down” video. Filmed at an undisclosed locale outside Milwaukee, the beautiful, sweeping landscape is ostensibly filtered through a monocular, swirling and surreal. The serene shoreline, parched corn fields, a concrete jungle all spin and rotate out of view ⎯⎯ and a sense of dread suffuses each image.

“New Century” is just the beginning. Tiny Fighter, who have been making music less than a year, are expected to release a body of work in the not-so distant future.

Watch below:

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